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    SQL Server Version for 10.1 FR1

    Roger1 Apprentice

      Which SQL Server version is correct for Version 10.1 FR1?  We recently upgraded our SQL servers to 2012 SP2. 

      Was about to upgrade my test environment when I decided to do one final review of the pre-reqs.  There seems to be a discrepancy in the documentation - guessing it's a typo.  I'm assuming SQL Server 2012 SP2 is ok for 10.1 FR1 but wanted to make sure before I pull the trigger.


      From in the install and configure guide - pg 8:

      Database Server As the system requirements for the specific SQL Server version, 2012 SP3 or  above, 2014 SP1 or above or 2016 or above.  This seems to be the listing for management center.


      From the MC Guide:

      No data found concerning the SQL version.


      From the Matrix - Management Center Maintained Platforms Matrix :

      Microsoft SQL Server 2012Service Pack 2
      Microsoft SQL Server 2014Service Pack 1
      Microsoft SQL Server 2016Initial Release


      Got rid of unneeded info since this revolves around mgmt center only.