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    Associate Automatic Action to an Existing Window

    dunnsu Apprentice

      Hello -


      I need help accomplishing what I thought would be an easy configuration, but... not so much.    In my Incident process, I have a decision marker that asks if the Incident Ticket should be converted to a change.  If the answer is yes, I want to prefill some mandatory fields on the Incident ticket (category and subcategory).


      I created an automatic action called Set Category with the intention that the category would be set by selecting a hard value automatically.  I wanted this automatic action to be associated to the original Incident Window, however I can't find how to do this.  When I drag the automatic action to the process I get an error that it is not set to a window.


      We're using LDSD 2016.


      Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this?




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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Susan,


          Thanks for your message.


          Can you provide any update worth sharing with others here?



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            dunnsu Apprentice

            UPDATE -


            Originally I had created the action in Business Objects, under Manage Actions.  This resulted in the system wanting a new window.

            Instead I performed the following and it worked:

            1. Navigate to Process Designer > Business Objects

            2. Expand your module to get to Actions (in my case Incident Management > Incident > Actions

            3. Select New Action

            4. Name  your action and Action Type (in my case, type = Update)

            5.  Allow Association with Window = True

            6. Save


            Now I drag that automatic action out to the process and it is associated with my main Incident window.  I can hard code fields in the Incident window when they meet the conditions of my decision object.