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    Converting End User to Analyst and the Network Login is not coming across

    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      TLDR - I have an workaround of this error, but asking if anyone else has an troubleshooting tips so that I don't have to manipulate the database.


      Version: 2016.3


      Turning an End User into an Analyst

      When creating an end user to an Analyst, they will get this error.

      My process when changing End User’s to Analyst:

      1. Change User Type – to Analyst
      2. Add user to Group
      3. Add user to Role
      4. Manage Analyst Licenses


      At this point this was all I had to do to accomplish this task. However, what I am coming across now is that under the Analyst the Network Logins is not coming across from the End User. The End User will have a Network Login but that login disappears when converting to an Analyst. 


      When you try to add the Login manually, you will receive an error that reads “This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable.”

      The way I have been combating this, is to log onto the Microsoft database and running this query.


      Delete From LDSD_2016_2_PRD.dbo.tps_user_network_login

      Where tps_network_login like ‘INPUT_USER_HERE’


      Upon running this query, I am then able to add the user’s Network Login and the user is able to connect.

      Do y’all have any troubleshooting tips that I can user so that I don’t have to manipulate the database every time I convert an End User to an Analyst?


      Thank you in advance!