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    Uninstall Landesk client, unknown version


      I have a machine that has been running for several years. It seems it may have had LANDesk installed on it who knows how long ago. I see it still in the registry but there is no longer any LANDesk folder or files on the hard drive, that I've found so far. There are no landesk servers running, haven't been for 7 or  8 years at least, so I can't download the uninstall from them. I know I can contact support, but when I try thru the webpage, it won't let me open a ticket on LANDesk as we don't have a current contract. All I would like to do is get a copy of Uninstall. I've seen several topics that point to other things to try and all, but I would like to start with the uninstall first and work my way from there. I'm sure someone can't just send it to me, but is there a direct email for support or a phone number I can call for Ivanti Landesk to see if they can send me the program?


      Thank you.