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    9.6 LANDesk Device won't display by device name but will by device IP address


      Hi Folks,

               We're running LANDesk 9.6 and I have a workstation I just reimaged and added the LD Agent to.  I've run inventory scans successfully but the situation is that I can't get it to show up under "All Devices" when I search for it by name, yet when I search by IP address it displays just fine.


      1.  I've tested this with quite a few other machines and no problem getting them to show up by device name or IP address.

      2.  I've imaged other machines in the past two weeks and did not have this problem.  Machines were identical models and/or similar models from Dell.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks. Rich

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Yes - i've got a few.


          So - chances are, that only the mini-scan (essentially "here's my networking info") made it through to the database.


          Chances are that the device either didn't send (less likely) a full scan, or (more likely) that the full scan was rejected by the Inventory Service (this happens typically because "data value X" - such as a serial number - is "too big" to fit into the intended database field ... you can't press 5 characters into a 3-character field ).


          Check the following article:

          - How to use 10 simple checks to Troubleshoot Inventory - Devices not updating, Duplicated or Missing Scans


          There's a strong chance that if you check the APPLICATION EVENT LOG on your Core, you'll see error 4100's by the Inventory Service (that's normal when it rejects an inventory scan). Much along the same expectation, you should see SCN files under your "(...)\ManagementSuite\LDScan\ErrorScan\" or "(...)\ManagementSuite\LDScan\ErrorBigScan\"-folders.


          The first is for "column length issue"-based rejected scan files (so you should see correspondig errors).


          The second is for "scan files that are too large" (depending on your version of LANDesk Management Suite, the default "max file size" is either 10 or 20 MB (purely so that no accidental 100+ MB monster file-server scans blow up your database unexpectedly). This is a simple setting to change in the Inventory Service's settings if need be.


          I would suggest talking to support about this, so that they can walk you through the process of troubleshooting this specific issue (it's a simple thing, and it's a semi-common occurence, as vendors come up with stupidly long strings in all manner of places) - as well as this giving us the opportunity to note down which field needs to be extended (and by how much) "as standard".


          The reason we don't "simply" make every DB-field "as long as possible" is because that would be an inordinate waste of disk space (we COULD do it - we just try to balance the DB size on the smaller scale ... they can get plenty big as is, with sufficient node counts).


          Hope that helps & gives you a clear set of actions to do? .

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            Thank you phoffmann,  I'll work with Ivanti support and post back the results here so we can all see what the actual cause was.  Cheers, Rich