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    Unable to Activate License


      I am trying to Activate my licenses in Wavelink and get teh error Activated to many times.


      The Server that they were originally installed on has crashed and required a rebuild. Am I able to re-use these licenses?



      Registered To:

      HEINZ Watties Ltd

      Purchase Order:

      Order Date:

      Registered By:

      Erron Soon

      Sales Order:

      Registration Date:


      Avalanche & Avalanche Remote Control Add-on Solution.

      Product SKU: 310-LI-AVAVRC

      Click Here for Activation Instructions- Activation Codes:

      Avalanche For 30 Users: 5NZC5Y9J7QV72DRY7XZGQKGWeGJXSGGM

      Remote Control For 30 Users: aY28PKXPeJN8K4GBf75WYKGWfGJXSGGM

      - Download Ivanti powered by Wavelink Software:



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          emeamolly SupportEmployee



          Is this still an issue? Remember you can use the same product key 3 times for the life of that key. If the Key has been activated more than three times you can always exchange the license provided there is current maintenance available.


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