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    Problem with query on French System

    PrismaMedia Rookie


      Recently i've installed LANDesk Management suite 2016.3

      I've a problem when i want to create a query from my french console. When i do "New Query", the Machine Components is empty



      If i do it on my core server with OS and installation in english, the query doesn't pose problem



      We have test from Windows 7 and Windows 10 and we have the same problem.

      We can't install the console in english version.


      In the file console.exe.log, i've this error:

      06/08/2017 16:33:53 INFO  2436:Main Thread RollingLog : creating a new EQuery

      06/08/2017 16:33:53 INFO  2436:Main Thread RollingLog : Value not found exception.


      Do you have a solution to resolve this problem ?


      Thanks in advance for your response