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    Distribution through a CSA

    JakeBoam Rookie

      This is probably a stupid question, sorry im kind of new.

           Im setting up a sandbox agent to practice pressing out patches and software without messing up anyone's clients. The problem is my sandbox agent does not exist on the same network as the Landesk server itself. I was able to retreive the broker certificate using BrokerConfig, so i know that there is a bit of communication between the agent and the server. In the server, i can also see my new agent listed under All devices, but it's saying there is a communication error with my workstation. (it's got the little red circle icon next to it, i assume it's an error cause by the restricting of communication through the CSA?)


      The main problem is that whenever i try to press an update or software to the sandbox agent; it fails. Usually leaving behind error code 1110 or just making the policy availible. What do i need to fix so that I can practice Patching and software distribution?  Thanks, and sorry if this is a dumb question.

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          dsears Apprentice

          Deploying using the CSA is a policy-only deployment.


          Here's how the scheduled task will look based on the Task type":


          Deployment will fail as the core cannot communicate directly with the device


          Policy (task settings set policy to required)

          The core does not communicate with the device at all. It makes a policy.xml file available for the client to download. The client will check for these policies based on the setting you have configured in your "Distribtion and Patch" settings under the "Policy sync schedule". This prompts the agent to run policysync.exe in the LDClient folder. PolicySync.exe attempts to communicate with the core based on your client connectivity settings. Normally the communication attempts core server directly, if that fails it will fall back to the CSA traffic. As long as you are able to communicate with the CSA, it should download the policy file via that connection and process it. At that point things get grey depending on what you are doing. If the package/patch files are on the core server, everything will download like normal (although it's normally slower via CSA). If the files aren't on the core server, you'll likely have download failures.


          Policy-supported push

          Attempt Push. If device shows offline, make policy available.



          NOTE - if you use Policy/Policy-supported push (which falls back to policy for offline) and have the task settings set to Optional or recommended, the device will make the package available via Portal Manager/Workspaces but will not process it until the user initiates via one of the self-service portals.

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            JakeBoam Rookie

            Thank you very much!