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    Mapping attachement of an inbound mail in a clone module




      I've made my own module and need to map inbound mails of two mailbox.


      I use the mail manager but the attachments collection not appears in the e-mail mapping :

      2 - Mappage Sollicitation.jpg

      When i try with an incident process, the attachment collection is showing correctly :


      1 - Mappage Incident.jpg

      In my clone module "Finance", i've created the attachment object :


      3 - Pièce jointe.jpg


      So how i do to made the attachments of my clone module avalaible in the inbound email mapping ?


      Thanks in advance !


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          Pierre from the ivanti support find the solution to my issue :


          Defect 6329: "Attachment Collection created on new Module will not show in Mail Mapping for Incoming emails"

          Fixed in 2016.2 but workaround for previous versions is:

          1. Create a New module in Business Object, which module name is <Example Management>, top-level object name is <Example>.
          2. Create an object Named <Example Attachments>(the object must include 'Attachment/Attachments' words), do not use the Object Creation Wizard else it doesn't work
          3. Drag <Example> to <Example Attachments>, select "Yes" on the window.
          4. In <Example>, a collection named <Example Attachments Collection> is created. Select <Example Attachments Collection> and click Manage Actions in Actions panel.
          5. Create a Creation Action named <Add Attachment>, save the changes.
          6. Create an available process of <Example> in Process Management, and activated it.
          7. In Administration, Mail component, create a new mapping, select the new created process of Example in Process dropdown list.
          8. In Business Attributes, the Attachments collection listed in the tree.