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    Sending email from Configuration Management

    JKoslowski Apprentice

      I have a workflow built for our CIs so we can manage their lifecycle and it works great.  However, I would really like to build into it the ability to send an email to our accounting group when an asset moves to Deployed.  Everything works great but I get an error in the event log "Could not find attribute type ReplyEmailAddress. Check metadata catalog."


      My best guess is because the Configuration Management object does not have a proper relationship with the Process Management object which hold the servicedesk's reply email address and display name.


      I've tried dragging the objects onto one another and this only creates a one to one relationship rather than some sort of inheritance.  I've looked over all the guides but I'm not sure exactly what kind of relationship I'm looking for.  I've even spent a couple hours on the phone with Ivanti support and they have been unable to help me setup this relationship.  This is the type of relationship that attributes from the parent object show up in grey in the child object.


      Anyone create their own module and have to enable sending email from it?  How do you setup the relationship back to the Process object?


      Thank you for your time!


      Here's the Process Management object and you can see the other Modules that send email (Incident, Activity, Change, etc)

      2017-06-09 16_09_23-AH-LDSERVAPP-VM - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7.jpg


      This is the Incident Object and this reply email address is from the process object: