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    Manual add a Microsoft Patch


      Hey everyone


      I am unable to see a particular patch so i want to manually add it to LDMS 2016. I have the MSU file, do i simply add it to the Patch destination folder, open LDMS and it will be there?


      Can you simply add the patch like this manually?


      I found an article saying you can but it seems to show that you still need the definition to show up in Patch and compliance otherwise you start getting Hash value mismatch?


      any help would be great



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not entierly sure why you need it manually, unless it's some extended support content.


          Usually you need to have the vulnerability content for the relevant MSU anyway (we check upon update "do the hashes for these files I have match what they SHOULD be?" ... and delete mismatches).


          If this is some sort of "special sauce" file/patch, then you can write a custom vulnerability for it (and have the hash be calculated for it) ...


          ... also - why is this under OS Provisioning? I can move the thread over towards a more patch-relevant section of the community?