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    After Running Inventory scan, no OS Name or Agent configuration showing

    ajlara09 Rookie

      I recently added a Windows 10 PC to Landesk by installing the agent. It shows in Landesk's All Devices list but the OS Name and Agent Configuration name are missing. I deployed an agent configuration and that worked with no issues. I go into the PC and run the Inventory scan and that as well runs with no issue, IP and Device name are both up to date. However, I cannot get the OS Name and Agent Configuration to show anything. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          You don't mention the version you are using or if you have other inventory data so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this might be related to the scan file getting rejected due to the printer description being too long.


          Run the scan again and check the event log on the core server to see if there are any errors listed. Could it be showing something along the lines of what is referenced in here: Re: Windows 10 LANDesk Agent not reporting inventory


          If you get basic info then the scan gets through, but if you don't get anything else then the scan is probably being rejected. The event log will tell you and if I guess right you have the solution.


          If I haven't guessed correctly then hopefully the eventlog will tell you a bit more.


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