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    Workspaces- self service column missing

    bezkarl Apprentice



      We are looking to rollout Workspaces in the not too distant future (we are on LDSD version 2012.2) and I have spent some time looking on the Ivanti forum but can't find an obvious solution to my issue.


      Our main landing page in Self Service, which has two columns, only shows one in Workspaces, The left had column is missing.


      Before I raise a case with Ivanti, has anyone come across similar and can point me the right direction?


      A screenshot of the Workspaces page is below:


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          bezkarl Apprentice



          I have been looking further into this- it's not the column that's missing it's just all the gadgets on that side.


          If I add a simple content gadget to self-service on the left I can see it in Workspaces.


          It's a shame that webpage gadgets don't appear as it means a significant amount of rework building these pages as content