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    Send reminder to variable recipients

    tiago.frappa Apprentice

      I am trying to have a calculation in a Request Reminder that would send the reminder to different people based on the selections on the request.


      For example, if they select from a drop down value A the reminder goes to [email protected], if they select B it goes to [email protected] and so on.


      I tried returning the user name, like Frank Buffalo, but it doesn't work, the reminder densest get sent to anyone,


      Any ideas if this is doable and if so how I would do it?





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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Tiago,


          Thanks for posting to the Community.


          Do you have an update you can share here? It might be worth checking out the Advice Center.



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            Senta SupportEmployee

            Hello Tiago,


            reminders have to be send to known users of the system.

            So your calculation has to return a reference to a known user.



            Ivanti Support

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              You dropdown list will be a reference list of some sort so instead of trying to do this via a calculation then why not drop the USER onto your reference list Business Object to create a related attribute (User).  Then you can set up all of the email addresses in advance in the Administration Module for your dropdown list.


              Then in the process your reminder is setup so that the reminder "Notify Assignee" is ticked and the "User" dropdown you right-click and set a value-type to your reference list USER object.


              Then the email WILL go to a user based on your dropdown list selection.


              Possibly use a calculation instead of a value type if your dropdown is not mandatory so you can maybe deal with that scenario or maybe you just skip sending the email; depends on your process design.