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    LDSecDrv.sys Causing BSOD

    Johnson90512 Rookie

      I am on LDMS 2016.3 and have a couple of machines that are bsoding with this error. Any ideas as to what I can try to resolve this? 1 machine is Win10 1607 and the other is Windows Server 2008 R2.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I seem to recall that there was something like this -- poke support & ask them for the latest SU ... I *think* it was SU3 has a fix for BSOD from EPS like that in it.


          Yes (upon checking the release notes) ... yes - it's SU3 that has a fix where LDSecDrv.sys could cause a BSOD upon install.


          So - SU3 should fix that for you .

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            Johnson90512 Rookie

            So, I've installed that this last week. Came in this morning to the same issue. Any other thoughts? Or do I just need to get support on the phone?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Hmm - if it's either "still" or a new issue with similar symptoms, yes - you'll need to go through support.


              It may be a different thing that leads to the same series of problems essentially -- could be a specific driver, could be that files didn't update that should've been ... whether it's something new (in the old guide) or something of a file-level check in case "something" decided to prevent files being updated, yeah - you'd need to go to support with that one.


              Sorry - can't help much more .


              (On the plus side - keep the defect # handy -- the support folks should be able to catch up a lot of ground-work by going through the dev notes in the original defect, so that things should go more speedily ... so if there's "special sauce steps" to take care of, or "extra logs" ... the fact that it's not entirely new ground is going to play in your favour here ).


              Hope that helps (a tiny bit).

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                joe.denice Apprentice

                Running into the same exact issue. I called support (Case #0099316) and the Support person advised me to update to 2017, the problem I have there as a potential fix is that requires some time to plan a migration out. I am really starting to lose faith in this software.

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                  mbates Rookie

                  I started seeing this last fall and worked with support several times on this. I am on version which I beleive is 2017-0210... versioning is so confusing now... anyway we are no longer having this issue.

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                    Kenyon Expert

                    I have actually seen this on a few machines lately and have tracked our issue down to an agent with "endpoint security" enabled is installed on a machine. Then an agent without endpoint security is installed over the original installation. Once we run the agent uninstall and install the agent without the security enabled, the machine works without issue.


                    I'm not sure if this would be your situation but I thought I would throw out our scenario to see if it helps.

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                      joe.denice Apprentice

                      Yeah that is my plan to test. Right now we are on 2016.3 ( The problem is with all these recent exploit issues IT management is big on security right now and EPS was a decent tool. I guess I will migrate us in the next 2 weeks to 2017 (Ver.

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                        Alex.Miller Rookie

                        We also had endpoint security causing machines to BSOD. We disabled endpoint security service and then then upgraded our core to 2016.3.


                        After that we made a new agent and deployed it to existing clients, re-enabled endpoint security and haven't had a problem since.

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                          Johnson90512 Rookie

                          Just make sure you aren't on 2008R2 as it will not support 2017.

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                            Johnson90512 Rookie

                            I believe we may have it fixed, I will know for sure tomorrow night as one of the bsod machines were happening at a specific time and day. I will update if it seems to be resolved. but so far so good. What support helped me do was to deploy the 2016.3 SU3 update.