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    How does ConnectPro identify a client.

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      From the documentation:

      2 The proxy server establishes a session with the host on behalf of the Client and keeps track of the session information. This is called the proxy-host connection.


      How is this tracked?


      For example, if there is a connection interruption, how does Connect Pro identify that Client-X should be resumed to Session-Y on the host?


      What happens if that reconnecting Client changes IP?



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          When a Client connects to ConnectPro, the ConnectPro server checks to see if there are any sessions for the Client’s IP address. If the Client is not aware of any saved sessions, ConnectPro will, by default, close any sessions using the same IP address.  However, if multiple clients can have the same IP address, sessions for other Clients could be closed prematurely when a new Client connects.


          When a Client re-connects after having been idle or having otherwise terminated the session, the proxy server sends the Client the session information and the Client continues the session. Block-mode emulations, such as 5250 and 3270, should use a reconnect string. Character-mode emulations, such as VT100 and VT220, do not require a reconnect string they use a buffer.


          A  reconnect string requests the last screen data that the host had before the mobile device disconnected. Input a reconnect string or use one you defined in the ConnectPro configuration file. The reconnect string in the host profile takes precedence over the reconnect string in the ConnectPro configuration file.


          On reconnect Buffer you specify a value to determine the maximum amount of host-to-Client data (in bytes) that will be saved when a Client reestablishes a connection with ConnectPro. This option is only available if no reconnect-string is specified.


          I hope this helps.


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            Thank You Molive - this is helpful.