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    How to handle creation date attribute while replacing ITSM Tool

    Wenlo Rookie

      I'm running an ITSM Tool replacement project. Where Service Desk is taking over another solution.


      Open items (Incidents and Changes) will be manually moved between old a new ITSM Tool by operators. By closing them in the old system and opening them at Service Desk. Creation Date will be the same as the cut-over date. This will impact SLAs, reports, warnings, and so on. For example, it will be hard to find RfC or Incidents opened for more than one month. We of course are looking to avoid living with 2 systems and combining reports.


      We first though on making the Creation Date temporary writable. But found this attribute is always read-only.

      Maybe something as creating a new Creation Date 2 attribute which can be writable during the cut-over and linked later to original Creation Date?


      Any suggestion will be appreciated.