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    Workspaces - Processes chart sort order issue

    DanJones Apprentice

      I have created a Query on Process that shows me a count of all unassigned items for my groups in each module, by using the Lifecycle.title (renamed process)

      This query is then grouped on Lifecycle.title (Process) and displayed in a chart on my workspace, so far so good;



      The issue I have however, is that when I select one of these items the query, when opened, does not sort the items correctly, the sort is based on the Lifecycle.title (renamed process) I want it to sort based on the Raise Date


      I have specified in the query that I want the sort based on the Raise Date, I have tried taking off the sort that exists on Lifecycle.title (due to it being used to group the chart) I have tried having both set as the sort attribute, but it is always the same, the order seems to be random (maybe its not)


      Does anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve what I want to do? - I can manually sort once the query is open, however this is not good to as users to do this every time they open a query, which being analysts will be a lot!


      So in summary what I want it to do:


      View Chart on Workspace, Click on the Process I want to view:


      The query opens in an order sorted on Raise Date: