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    Unidentified HSP message


      I just installed ConnectPro on an AIX system and was trying to test using a putty connection to the proxy server but it closes by putty session immediately. I see the message "Unidentified HSP message in the log just before it discards the connection. I am not sure what this means.

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          emeamolly SupportEmployee



          We will need to look at the logs as a whole to see if the session is being ended by the Client or the Host.


          If you do not use TermProxy  can the client connect to the host?


          Perhaps TermProxy is not configured properly and therefore not keeping a session open.


          This can be more involved and I suggest you open a case with customer support.




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            Thanks for the reply emeamolly. I tryed to ope a case with support but since we have not purchased any products, it will not let me open one. I am able to connect directly to the application server using port 23 via putty. Here is my config file. I don't know if I can upload the log file to this discussion though. The warehouse application server is called orion and the RF radios connect to it directly right now using port 23.  The proxy server (ConnectPro) is installed on same server with same IP address. The RF radios could connect from different IP segments depending on the warehouse. If you have any ideas, that would be great. If not, I will keep trying. Thanks


            [email protected]> cat TermProxy.cfg


            // Configuration file generated by the TermProxy wizard.



            // This is the connection to the telnet/ssh host.

            hostservice orion


                ssh off

                timeout 15m

                undeliverable discard

                reconnect-buffer 5000


            // The next two lines (if uncommented) allow an AS/400 Workstation ID to be detected.

            //  codeset EBCDIC

            //  stationid-template "Display[ .]+:\s+(.+?)[ ]"


            // This is the connection to the telnet/ssh client.

            proxyservice Triproxydev

                server orion


                timeout 24h

                nat yes

                compression-size 0  // Compression disabled

                compression-level 3

                ssl off


            // This is the web browser interface.


                ssl off


            // This is how detailed the log file will be.

            loglevel Verbose


            // This controls the data capturing support.

            capture off

                clear off


            // This controls the automatic restart support.

            // restart SU02:00

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              emeamolly, It looks like my support request went through and I was able to talk with Thomas. He said using putty would not work as a test method and suggested just using telnet. When I did that it does connect but waits for some other input but I can see that it is connected to that server using netstat. I appreciate you help on this.