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    Restoring Multiple Partitions


      Morning, I've had a search through but cann't find anything exactly the same so here goes.


      I've taken an image of my server, 2 logical disks with 2 partitions on each. I then try to resore the image. C Drive comes back fine, my machine will boot ok, all my partitions have been created (D,E,F), formated, and a drive letter assigned, yet it doesn't restore data to my D, E and F drives. I can copy data to these partitions so the structure is ok.


      My provisioning template is running the following commands.


      h:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /R0N /O i:\servername_C.img


      h:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /R0N /O i:\servername_D.img


      h:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /R1N /O i:\servername_E.img


      h:\osd\imaging\imagew.exe /R1 /O i:\servername_F.img


      Running 8.8 sp2



      If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated, even if your pointing out something stupidly obvious, new to this.