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    Daily pop up "Task successful" on several end clients which have been successfully patched.


      I've deployed the wannacry patch to a combined Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 group of end clients around 500 or so. All barring a few show as having been patched successfully however a large number are seeing the task successful pop up message from LANDesk daily or every other day. I've checked the task itself and nothing seems untoward it's set to run once.  This is on Management Suite 2016 Version


      An overview of settings on the Task


      Policy-supported push task type

      Download and execute

      Uses default agent settings



      There is nothing showing in eventviewer on the affected machines around the time the pop-up comes up. Users can close the pop-up but it will return. Some users are reporting that its not daily but every couple of days and rebooting the client pc does not resolve issue.


      Has anyone else encountered an issue like this and know how to resolve at all? is it simplest to just delete and recreate the task perhaps?


      Any suggestions welcome.


      regards Tom