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    CSA client certificate state "provisioning" / view agent status in LDMS via CSA

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      we got roundabout 1200 machines unable to connect via CSA, though they would work fine on internal networks.
      After a lot of fiddling around, we could break the issue down to the certificate state in the "Client Access" options. Client certificates on "Provisioning" state could not connect.
      We could fix this by:
      - Manually approving the certificate in LDMC, or

      - Requesting a new certificate from the client (gets approved automatically)


      Most fresh agent installs currently receive a client access certificate in state "Provisioning" and can't connect to the core via CSA.

      Just to illustrate the location in LDMC:


      I could neither find documentation on the "state" attribute "Provisioning" in nor threads describing this issue.


      What do we need to do in order to make new devices get approved certificates ? We already auto-approve requests.




      Then, there's another (could-be) problem when the device connects over CSA.
      Agent Status shows neither remote control nor agent availability. "Remote Control via management gateway" works fine though.

      I got to admin I don't know whether this happens by design, didn't




      We are using:
      - LDMS 2016 Version
      - LDCSA:

      LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance release: 4.3.1-176.20160210.1002

      Web console version: 1.5-1.0

      Gateway service version:


      LDCSA doesn't offer updates when scanning.




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