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    How can I get an alert when agent health discovers a problem?

    jkhill Specialist

      The Alerts feature has a number of alerts that are specific to Agent Watcher - alert when a monitored service is down, alert when a monitored file is missing, that sort of thing.  I haven't found anything similar for Agent Health.


      I was thinking I could just run an Affected Computers report against the vulnerability group I've created for Agent Health, but if AH is doing its job that will always report 0 machines, since they'll in theory be repaired immediately.


      My ultimate goal is to wait a few months and then generate metrics on which machines are having the most problems with Agent Health so I can try to more proactively troubleshoot.  I could also look at which problems are appearing most frequently.  I can't run either of those reports at present because I just don't have any data to work with.


      Any thoughts?




      (LDMS 2016.3)