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    Adding an assignment to the process


      I want to copy an ‘Add Assignment’ into my incident process and drop it in at a certain point. When Landesk created my incident process they created an 'add assigment' to the process at a different point and I want exactly the same one.

      I know how to drag the add assignment icon onto the process but it only lets me choose a group to assign it to, in the landesk one they had in the group of the assignment 'Process/_IncidentCategory/_AssignGroup’. How did they get that in there?

      the first screen shot below shows the add assignment i want to copy, the second screen shot shows the add assignment that Landesk created for me and i want to copy.


      Any ideas?


      screen shot 1.jpg

      screen shot 2.jpg

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi Shabba32,


          you might have two options:

          1. Try marking the Add Assignment, use STRG+c and STRG+V. If it works, the new Add Assignment will appear somwhere in the upper left corner.
          2. If you do it the manual way, you have to drag the icon from the tools section to your process and then right click the group attribute and choose "Value Type". If you do this on the genuine Add Assignment, you can look up the whole path and retrace it in your new Add Assignment. The Title looks like that if you simply can copy the text.

          2017-06-22 12_15_27-DEV-LDSD01 - VMware Workstation.png



          Have a go at it and let us know, if it works.