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    Non-admin users need access to install printer drivers.


      We have users that travel frequently to random destinations, and while there they need to be able to install print drivers for whatever brand/model of printer they happen to have at the location they will be working from.


      The users do not have admin rights so I am looking for a way to use Application Manager 8.9 to allow these users to install driver software for locally connected USB printers.

      I was hoping there was a way to create a list of trusted manufacturers from signed driver install files but either this is not possible or I am doing something wrong.



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          timothyb SupportEmployee

          Within a Rule, under User Privileges -> Components (location might be different for AM 8.9, I don't have a console at hand) it is possible to add permissions for various components, including Printers.  I would try this first.  This should work for adding and removing drivers for printers that are installed using standard methods.  Sometimes a printer manufacture will wrap their printer drivers in a bespoke installer.  This method of install may not be support as standard APIs are not called that we can intercept.  However they may have a basic driver installation binary as well.