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    Report Designer Customization

    pulchritude19 Apprentice

      Please help me on how to design or customize the report on Ivanti Endpoint Manager.

      If Ivanti have any tutorial on this please attached. Thank you so much.

      Since, the customer wants specific report that all hardware specification on all devices is on the whole sheet.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Point 1 - no, your customer very much does *NOT* want "ALL the hardware on ALL the devices" out there. It's the same sort of stupid request as "I want to know ALL the software on ALL the devices out ther".


          No - they don't.


          (I presented a 40 GB CSV-file to the last customer who asked for this as a basis for discussion that "maybe they *DO* want to filter that request down a bit).


          So - point 1 is ... get specifics. What do they care about specifically. Understand contex - WHY do they care about those things.


          Is it for hardware tracking? In that case, serial numbers and such are MUCH more interesting than (for arguments' sake) the numbers of Sectors / Heads / Cylinders of individual hard drives.




          Point 2 - "start out simple". Build up a column set in LANDesk which displays the data you / your customer wants.


          There's a good chance that this may result in multiple column sets / reports. For instance:

          • Overview of network Physical MAC addresses and IP-addresses
          • Overview of Serial numbers on hard-drives
          • Overview of {data} about monitors, motherboards


          ... which is a MUCH more reasonable stance (and breaks things down into smaller, manageable chunks).


          So - get a whip / club or whatnot you need to encourage your contact and train them into "thinking things through" (heck, point them directly at this thread).


          I've *YET* (in 20 years) to come into a situation where this sort of "I want EVERYTHING" is either reasonable, makes sense, or even useful.


          Sure - I *CAN* give you all that data ... but it'll be useless. It'll be way too much for you to handle & and other than checking off a "data - delivered" checkbox, no one is actually making any progress.


          So tell them to sit down, think things through together (they need to explain WHY they need something so that you can understand the data context -- simple things like "oh hey - all you REALLY need is a chassis make & model and a 3rd data point you didn't even know existed" conversations are miles more useful).


          ... the "build a column set" and then "view as report" may indeed be all you're after really. But I would *SERIOUSLY* explain the need to break this down into manageable chunks.


          With the whole variety of 1:* (one to many) relationships involved here (1 computer has several HDD's // 1 computer has several NIC's // 1 computer has several XYZ...) they're going to cause a *LOT* of duplicate line items. So they really do need to break things down logically (just to keep things sensible).


          Does that make sense?


          This isn't a "tool limitation" type affair. We *CAN* pull all of that into a report. However - the point is that such a report would be full of data that's exactly of no use to anyone. It'd be a lot of data ... but no information.


          And that's what you want - really ... you want reports that allow you to turn data into actionable information.


          Hope that helps. :)

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            pulchritude19 Apprentice

            Yes, it really make sense. Thanks for your inputs.


            I already discussed it to client and help to summarize what the specific report they need.