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    Problem with MSI deployment




      We're using LDMS 8.6 and having problems deploying a 3rd party MSI to our PCs.. looks like a privileges problem as installs fine when logged in as an admin. When logged in as a normal user with fails to run and just adds an entry to the event log of a failed installation. I've tried various methods and command lines and all have the same results, any suggesstions? 





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          Joshni SupportEmployee

          You could try this 3rd party application.




          It will take a msi or .exe and allow you to specify a account to run it under.  It will then encrypt the command as a stand alone .exe.


          I have seen this work a few times when the package needed to run as a local administrator.  One thing to keep in mind with this utility is that it will not work if there is a GPO that is blocking the use of the "run as" command.



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            Ironbike Apprentice



            The software that you are trying to distribute, did you use a tool to edit the msi or create a transform or msp file?  Are you having any issues with other software distributions? Logged in as the user of the PC can you access you package share via http and UNC?   Here's a link to a doc on how to distribute Office 2007, it has a lot of good information that might help you track down you issue.  Best Known Method for Deploying Office 2007 with LDMS 8.8



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              Joshni SupportEmployee

              Using a transfrom or .MSI editor could help.  However, there are are a lot of poorly written MSI files out there that will not work unless executed by a admin account.



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                Thanks for the responses.


                All of our other packages work absolutely fine under standard user logins and I'm thinking it may be a problem with the way the msi has been written. Is there anything I can add to the MSI to get this working under a normal user account? I don't have a transform file to use with it but could have alook a creating one - what's the best util to use to create a transform?

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                  zman Master





                  You indicate that the install work fine under local user context? If all your users are local admins then just use  install as the local user in your delivery methods. I've found very few packages (% of our installed base) that will not install correctly as the local system account. The question is it should only install under local system account if the user is not a local admin. So I would start with:




                  1. First use msi verbose logging. This will tell you exactly what is happening rather than us trying to guess.
                  2. See if it truly fails under the local system account using the AT scheduler. This doc explains how to accomplish this http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2320  This also takes LANDesk out of the picture.
                  3. If it dies under the local system account , then you can try the preferred Server trick http://community.landesk.com/support/message/12286#12286
                  4. Use autoitscript runas to script the install with an account that has local admin privileges. Just don't embed usernames and passwords into scripts.
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                    http://www.instedit.com/ is a good tool for creating transforms.