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    MINISCAN.EXE command switches and additional documentation


      Hi folks - in response to the document posted here about MINISCAN and /send, does anyone have any additional information or reference about these switches?


      " As of LDMS 8.7, we can send custom data with a miniscan for a Windows client.


      The format for this scan is;


      "c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\miniscan.exe" "/send=Custom Data - Logged On = Yes"


      Where "/send=" is the switch to let miniscan.exe know to include the data that follows in the minscan file. It is important to include the quotes "/send" for the command to work.


      The rest of the command line follows the rules for custom data. Remember, this is a snippet of information only, up to 255 characters. "



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          in the following document on page 10 there are some parameters described too:

          Windows PreInstallation Environment (WinPE) Whitepaper

          . . . 

          miniscan /nodeviceid /usemacasname

          This line is only executed by virtual booted machines, and is their last command. Miniscan is the utility used to grab minimal information about the system and store it in the LDMS Inventory database. Running miniscan without switches will include a devicename and id in its scan file, and thereby will show up in the console as “minint-<random suffix>”. However, using the /nodeviceid /usemacasname switches removes this information from the scan file and limits the data sent to 3 things: MAC Address, IP Address, and Processor Count.

          . . .

          miniscan /x /nodeviceid /usemacasname

          This line is executed by those PXE booted machines that are a managed boot. If the /x is used when calling miniscan, an extra attribute is sent in the Network portion of the scan file, Pxeboot=Yes.

          . . .



          Additionally I found some parameters, but not all with descriptions:

          /server=    /send=  /debug  /usemacasname   /nodeviceid /X  -X  /x  -x