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    Problem imaging new Dell E6400

    srose24 Rookie

      Hello, I'm rather new to LANDesk and it's capabilities, but I've ran into a problem with the new Dell E6400 laptops that I was wondering if anyone had or if anyone knows of a solution.  Basically, we just got in some of the new laptops and after setting up the base image that I want to use with LANDesk, I captured the image, then deployed it to the same laptop to test it.  However, after the deployment, it just hangs at "waiting from command".  The only way around this that I've come up with is to create my setup on the E6400 and do a sysprep.  Once the laptop shuts down, I have to remove the hard drive and place it into a D620, capture that image via the D620, then I am able to deploy the E6400 image to an E6400 with success.  Does anyone else have this issue? Is it maybe a setting somewhere in the laptop bios?  Any suggestions are welcome.