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    Memory and ScanningProcess.exe




      Today I began working in earnest on solving the out-of-memory issues I've been having with SoftMon and VulScan.... I reluctantly turned off real-time adware scanning because a bunch more service calls came in with my customers complaining of slow startup.   I pushed out the new settings...


      Now that SoftMon is down to  4 MB  (down from 132MB) I thought I was out of the woods... NOT SO FAST.


      ScanningProcess on 8.8 SP2 seems to grow and grow the entire time it's running!   Evidently a scan was scheduled on my PC this morning and it chugged away gracefully with the typical startup hesitation and then quietly in the background (I have CPU slider set all the way to minimal)...


      But as time went by it grew and grew... finally it ran me out of memory and my PC became unusable... applications stopped responding.


      I looked at Task Manager and ScanningProcess was up over 300MB!!!




      Not counting the other iterations of "ScanningProcess"...


      Finally I had to kill it...


      Now there are four ScanningProcess.exe's on my system running for a total of 64MB and RISING...


      Anyone else seeing this?   Memory leak??



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          Hi Bryan,


          I haven't seen the memory leak issue but I have seen scanningprocess.exe run more than once per cpu.


          I have a quad core in my desktop and noticed 4 instances of scanningprocess.exe each using over 80MB of RAM !!. It seems it was running once for each core not once for cpu.


          I found a post (link below) which helped me fix the issue. I created the reg dword as suggested with value as 1 and it worked after a re-boot. When I checked there was only one instance of scanningprocess.exe




          Might help ....

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            Thank you I'll try that.  Right now I have three ScanningProcess.exe's on my two-processor system... two owned by system and one owned by me.


            Is that working as designed?   Or do I need to push out the reg hack?





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              scots Apprentice

              I've had complaints of ScanningProcess slowing down machines (including one of my machines).  The one common thing I've found between all of these machines is that they were all 8.8 or 8.8 SP1 who had SP2 applied to them.  On all of these machines, if I reinstall the entire agent (no uninstall first) it seems to fix the issue and no more compaints of systems running slow.

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                Do you physically have 2 cpu's or just two cores?


                As far as I am aware by design it will run scanningprocess.exe per core not per cpu (socket) (someone please correct me I am wrong). So if you have a dualcore processor is should show scanningprocess.exe running twice in task manager.


                After some testing with some newer dualcores we had here I decided to create a package for the reg change and push this out to those machines. Please note that the key location sits in a different spots between vista and xp in the registry.