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    Uninstall  Unwanted software from manage nodes.

    sabino Rookie

      What is a way out to uninstall unauthorized software(Exe) .

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          zman Master

          So there are a couple of ways. IMO the easiest if you don't have process manager (reader digest version):


          1. Identify unwanted software
          2. Identify how to uninstall software - Use www.appdeploy.com, or google, etc.. hklm\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstal
          3. Test the uninstall string - Do you want a UI, reboot, etc...
          4. Create a LANDesk Distribution Package for the uninstall string
          5. Create a query to find the software -  Computer.Software.Application Suites
          6. Create a Scheduled Task - Required Policy - with the distro package and query you created above.
          7. Start it - sit back.

          You can also do the same with a Patch Custom Definition. Whichever is easier for you. 

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            Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

            zman is right on. You can also use SLM in 9.5 SP1 and assign the distribution package that you created to a monitored product, then set up some automatic reclaimation of software that hasn't been used.