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    88-Provisioning-"Configure Target Os" does not install provision agent


      Hi, On a 88 SP2 Environment.

      1)Create a Public Template "Deployfull" whith different actions: deploy sysprepped image(XP SP2 Ita), provision agent deploy, install agent LANDesk, join domain and reboot.
      I scheduled the task on a bare metal device (virtual machine) booted via PXE. The task fails on action "Configure Target OS" in which it try to deploy the provision agent. Verbose logs shows that it cannot find (or create) C:\program files\LANDesk folder.


      2)From WINPE os i create manually the folder, and launch manually ldprovision.exe choosing only "Configure target os" template and it worked fine. it seems the problem is that it cannot create folder C:\program files\LANDesk folder or i try to write down in the folder that does not exist because the image has italian folder C:\Programmi.


      3)i Created a Master template "DeployFull" which includes 3 templates(DeployXP01.xtp,Ldprov.xtp,Agent-Domain-Reboot.xtp )one for each action but the issue is the same.


      I attach logs, history, and all templates ,any idea?.


      Thanx, regards Roberto Sacco