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    Distribute to AD Group/User


      I seem to be missing something, I am comparing LANDesk with Novell ZenWorks, curently we use Zen for software distribution and LANDesk for everything else. I am trying to replicate the way software distribution is done with ZenWorks in LANDesk. The new release 8.8 SP2 helped very much with the LaunchPAD links but I seem to have a stumbling block. When assocating a software distribution task with a LDAP query the query always seems to be re-evaluated to the devices, what happens when they log onto a new machine, also any subsequent user who logs onto that machine will have access to that software.


      How do I get LANDesk to associate with a user so they always have links to their software regardless of the machine they are on and other users do not have access to softwar ethey are not licensed for or are not entitled to.