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    Toshiba M10 NIC and Mass Storage SATA Driver Problems (and Solution)

    Rick.Smith1 Specialist

      PROBLEMS: Toshiba EOL'd the M9 out of the blue. Our replacement from them was the M10. Using LanDesk 8.7, PXE and LanDesk WinPE we were unable to:

      1. Get the Intel 82567 LM Gigabit NIC to apply the right drivers and get an IP address.
      2. Get the Intel  Mass Storage Controller Drivers to load and see the drive.


      1. THANKS Mark B @ LanDesk for your assistance. The solution is that when adding the drivers, you have to be very specific. For our install you had to only specify the following 4 files, the catch however was that NVENETFD.sys did not exist in the downloaded drivers folder. We had to pull it off of a working XP machine.
        1. nvenetfd.inf
        2. NVENETFD.sys
        3. nvenetfd.cat
        4. nvenetfd.tag
      2. On the Storage issue, we could not yet get it working with drivers in LanDesk WinPE. Instead we had to go into the BIOS and change the HDD setting from AHCI to IDE. Our Toshiba M10 only offered those two options. In other BIOSs I understand that changing it from AHCI to "Compatibility" mode also will work. Once we did this LanDesk WinPE/Ghost could see the hard drive. AFTER the imaging was done, we re-entered into the BIOS to set it back to AHCI.

      Hope this helps anyone with the same issues.