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    Documentation of Policies and Procedures regarding scope of use for LANDesk


      Since LANDesk was initially implemented at the company I work with, about 7 years ago, it has been a struggle to maintain usage of the varying modules as focus has shifted according to the engineer or manager responsible for the product usage.  I took over the management of the field of use for the product about 3 years ago and am now passing the torch, but I don't want to have the use of the product wax and wain according to wim or personal point of view.


      I've started a document of the policies and procedures for usage of LANDesk, but before I get too deep wanted to know if anyone else might have embarked on this voyage ahead of me.


      Basically, what I'm documenting is which modules we are using, what is their field of use, how we are using them, and identifying what modules we are not using so that management appreciates what features are not being utilized due to lack of resources or interest. 


      Anyone out there have a document they would like to share or even collaborate on?





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Interesting situation - a slightly different version of the one I sometimes encounter where some admins aren't aware that the product can do X or Y ... very much a worthy effort. A complication that I see is that this doc will be extremely specific to your environment.


          I.E. - let's assume you use remote control, but you don't use the LDMG to be able to remote control laptop-users / home users ... this might not apply to other customers (because they don't let people work from home / on the road, for instance).


          I have a sneaking suspicion that these things usually end up being education issues -- if the decision makers don't know what LANDesk is capable of, I find this is usually the cause for "bad" decisions - simply because people don't know that LANDesk can help them acheive this or that.


          So in that regard it's more of a question whether it's for your management, or whether it's more for the next person who'll be taking over the job from you (and more of a "what works for us and what doesn't / why it works/doesn't work" type thing).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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