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      Question does anybody got ldprep working with Windows XP 64?

      We are trying it now but it seems to fail.

      The sysprep works fine we deployed even with it but i we try to the ldprep it fails.

      Any ideas?




      Patrick Ringelberg

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          did you ever make this work? There's also a new version of LDprep that you can run from within the OSD script. Have you tried that?




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            The "old" usage mode, whereby you ran ldprep after sysprep and the driver enumeration happened first thing after the reboot into mini-setup, isn't going to work on a 64 bit OS.


            As to the "new" usage mode, whereby you run ldprep under WinPE, I can see no fundamental reason why it wouldn't work with WinXP-64, but I haven't tried it.


            "New" is a relative term here. The new usage mode has been the normal usage mode ever since V8 of the HII whitepaper (March 2007).


            There have been a few minor tweaks to ldprep after V1.5 (current version is - included with V9 of the whitepaper), but none that could possibly make a difference in terms of WinXP-64.