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    Imaging from VMWare???


      I'm fairly new with LANDesk so please don't shoot me if the questions appear a bit simple/dumb   


      Can you make an image from a VMWare virtual machine and deploy that to a physical machine?


      About the imaging part, I've worked acoording to the Best known method to deploy Windows XP using WinPE guide found on these pages.


      I’ve created a new WinXP SP3 machine complete with all updates.

      Used sysprep the way Landesk recommends.

      I’ve created a PXE-representative.

      I’ve created a capture-image script (using either imagew.exe from v1 and v2)

      Added drivers to the WinPE image

      Added the script to the PXE-bootmenu.


      Now when I boot my VM and let it start PXE I choose my script from the menu.

      Then he starts to boot the WinPE image, installs drivers and finally shows me the PXE Boot menu where I have to select my Capture script.


      But then when I click OK nothing happens, I just see the WinPE Background and can click on the WinPE start menu but other than that nothing happens.


      Any idea what that could be the problem?


      Which imagew.exe is the best to use?

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          You should check the error logs under
          coreserver\ldmain\log.  Sort by date/time then look for a file that is named CJ-OSD-xxxx-nnnnn-nnnnn.  Its usually pretty easy to find the one from your most recent OSD job.  I'd guess without looking at the log that its a rights issue on your file share.  I've seen that happen when I fat finger the password for my imaging user.

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            here's what the log says, I can't really make anything of it maybe someone else can point me in the right direction?

            I've used my own name/password for this one just to try it out.



            "005056A05001","OK",0,0:00:00,24-10-2008 15:48:45,24-10-2008 15:48:45,"WINPE, TIMEOUT=1800"
            "005056A05001","OK",5,0:00:02,24-10-2008 15:48:45,24-10-2008 15:48:47,"diskpart /s X:\LDClient\rmvol.txt"
            "005056A05001","ERR_Fail",-1917190145,0:00:00,24-10-2008 15:48:47,24-10-2008 15:48:47,"drvmap.exe ara\yuri kuit 1078C5DEFD1399B735E230E1F71 I: <qt/>\\ara-ict1.ara.nl\images<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513"
            ; "Job Complete","0 Done","1 Failed","0 Off","0 Unknown"

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              Your script is failing on your drive map command.  It looks like your username has a space in it, LanDesk does not like this, it thinks the second part of your username is the password.  You may try putting your domain and username in quotes but I'm not sure how LanDesk will handle that.


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                OK that was it indeed. Now for the two other questions remaining:


                • Can you make an image from a VMWare virtual machine and deploy that to a physical machine?
                • Which imagew.exe is the best to use? v1 or v2?
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                  There shouldn't be an issue with deploying an image from a VM to a physical machine as long as you selected the correct HAL during the OS Setup.  I've deployed my image to VMs without issues but never needed to go the other way.


                  v1 or v2, I'm not really sure.  Hopefully someone else can answer that one.

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                    what do you mean by:

                    as long as you selected the correct HAL during the OS Setup


                    What I did was create a new virtual machine and install a clean Windows XP, update it with all windows updates and apply changes where necessary.

                    I then sysprepped the virtual machine and created an image.


                    Now when I deploy the image to a Dell Optiplex GX280 machine after the reboot it shows me the menu to choose a normal startup or a safe boot.

                    No matter what option I choose, the machine almost immediately reboots and returns to this same menu.

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                      •     Immediately when the Microsoft “Blue Installation” screen appears with “Press F6” on the bottom press “F5” to bring up the HAL selection screen.  Scroll up and highlight “Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC.  Press “Enter”.



                      This allows XP to to be installed across multiple architectures.  This is most likely the cause of your restarts.





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                        Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



                        What can also be the problem is the chipset and/or storage driver... Did you ever make this work?




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                          cgodden Specialist

                          I had been using PXE to load images to VM systems but after upgrading LANDesk to 9.0 SP1 (now on SP2) it will no longer grab an IP address once inside the PE environment (as if the network drivers are missing). Has this happened to anyone else or does some one know how to add the drivers for VM (using fusion and parallel's 

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                            Hi Yuri


                            Its a driver issue, look at the core(under my name), I put in the driver pack from Landesk, apply these as a driver template to inject them into the image, it should work...