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    Need help generating 2 reports


      I'm pretty new to querying and reporting in LANDesk, but I need to generate 2 reports in LANDesk 8.8 SP2.


      1. Machines that have the LANDesk 8.8 SP2 agent on them, or possibly identify what LANDesk Agent versions are out there (8.7, 8.8 SP1, SP2, etc.)


      2. I recently deployed the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack and I need to identify what machines require/required the patch and what machines have the patch. For this one, a count and percentage would be ideal.


      I would assume that because LANDesk can identify in Security and Patch Manager what machines are affected and what machines are patched, then there must be some means to provide a report based on that capability.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Andy Nosal Apprentice

          If you're looking for quick information about what's installed you can create a column set.  You can create one column set to for LANDesk and one for Office or you can create one with both products.  After you drag the column set to the devices you'll see the information you're looking for, you could also export the network view an excel spreadsheet.


          Most of the reports are generated by queries; I've attached an xml file that you can import as a query.  Once it's imported you can open reports, select new custom report, in the query box press the select button and pick the LANDesk Agent Version query.


          I don't have the Office 2007 Compatibility pack but I think the information above will get you going.


          Let me know how this works for you.

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            zman Master

            One way is to create queries, and this is the LANDesk function that you need to become comfortable with in the future. The hardest part is going to be identifying where the information is located that you are looking to report.




            1. This information is easiest located - Computer.LANDesk Mangement.Inventory.Scanner.Version. So what can you do with this info? Well you can create a query restriction on this - say give me all machines lower than X. Or you can simply display all machines and use this as a column - Select columns.  You can then display the query and right click on it and view as report. This information can be used as is or exported to csv and massaged in Excel.




            2. Computer.Software,Application Suite.Application Suites.Name = Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system