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    Remove Policy Registry Tag on Uninstall of Application


      Hi All,


      I was wondering if any of the LANDesk geniuses out there might have some suggestions on how I can approach this problem.


      We deploy our packages using the policy method (linked to a AD group with a LDAP query) and this works very well for us (Post SP5). Our uninstall tasks use the push mechanisim. We have noticed that the registry key on the local client (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\AppHealing\Agent\AMClient\APM\PolicyCache\{Package-xxx}) to indicate a successful install is left behind. This prevents us from redeploying the application to the client


      Is there anyway that we can create a vbscript that can pass in the package number detailed in the registry (in bold above) and delete it. I'm new to VBScripts and have learnt to manipulate registry keys (Add, Delete, Amend) but don't know how to read LANDesk data. We are hoping to use one VBScript for all our packages. Also, is it possible to pass in LANDesk data into VBScripts?


      We are currently on 8.7 SP5.


      Many thanks