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    Device Monitoring Ping Settings


      Hi All,


      We are enabling Device Monitoring on a large number of servers, and we have a few that are very often alerting that they are unavailable and then approx. one minute later, back again. They are not actually going down. If I run a constant ping to the problem server from the Core, I get high 90% responses. Only the occasional null response.


      We are set to Ping every 2 minutes, with 5 Retries and 10 Second Timeout on retries. To be honest these settings are a confusing. Is it saying I will Ping every 2 mins, and if I don't get a response, try again in 10 secs, and then try again in another 10, and so on? I just want to ping every 2 mins and if it gets no response after pinging for 10 secs (or more), then alert.


      What are other people using successfully?