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      Hi There,


      I am currently setting up profiles in Landesk. Could anybody tell me what profiles you have created (regarding access rights)... eg : 1.) Asset Manager - Has Remote control / Agent Config 2.) Asset Admin - Full Accces 3.) Inventory Admin - Has View Inventory & Reporting.


      Can anybody guide me in creating these profiles, as certain people have different experiance levels in what they can and cannot do.




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          1 - as mentioned in your other post, please refrain from using "all caps" in subject lines, as it comes across as shouting.


          2 - This isn't really a question that can be answered with the information you put up. It's first of all a question you should answer yourself - what rights SHOULD your people have in your organisation? What rights do they NEED to have?


          Also - we've no idea what kind of roles you need to have in your department (at the moment you only mentioned asset-related things, but nothing of software distribution related things for instance), let alone how many people we're talking and so on.


          What part in particular is it that you feel you need guidance in - maybe if you explain your real concern/question better, we can try to help more accurately.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead