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    Dell Notebook Latitude E5400 and PXE Boot


      I'm getting ready to deploy a new notebook model, the Dell Latitude E5400. When I first booted one up and loaded the PXE image, I got the following warning: The disk you specified is not valid. There is no disk selected. "There is not an available hard drive or the hard disk driver is not loaded. Please inject the proper driver. The steps to inject drivers into the WinPE image can be found at http://kb.landesk.com in the kb article 3469."


      Well after talking with Dell tech support to find the correct driver for this computer, I followed the steps and injected the driver. I then redeployed the PXE Representative and tried the PXE boot once again. The computer again gives me the warning shown above.


      The LANDesk server is at  version 8.8 SP2.


      Does anyone have the proper driver? Thanks in advance.


      Steve Bibler