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    Scheduled WOL for MDR with multiple network devices


      Dear LANDesker,


      In our organization we have many VLAN's (up to 200!). LANDesk 8.8 SP1 is in use.


      First we had a problem with the PXE Representatives. We don't want to install many PXE Representatives in our network and solved this problem by installing a server with multiple network devices and a WinAgents TFTP Server. This TFTP server can listen to one device and supports firewalls. This configuration works nice in our network.


      The problem now is:


      We also want use this PXE Representative as a Multicast Domain Representative. This is only possible for the primary network device that's registered in the inventory as   "Bound Adapter: 0". Primarily we want to use this MDR with multiple network devices for scheduled WOL-tasks.


      WOL.EXE does work on this server for a MAC-address in a random VLAN.


      The question:


      How can we fix this problem? Help!



      Thanks in advance for your response,


      Johan Esselink, Desktop Engineer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands