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    LDMG Performance question

    Silvercoupe Apprentice



      Our LDMG is set up in a DMZ, NAT'd to a Public IP and is using a single NIC.


      I know there are a lot more pieces I need to provide to answer this question, but what kind of data throughput should we be seeing on client laptops downloading policies or patches through the LDMG?  Our external connection is handled by our County's IT shop and we have our Gateway sitting in their DMZ with a Gigabit Verizon TLS circuit out to the Public Internet and a Gigabit backbone to our Core server. 


      Speakeasy.net speed test says our test laptop with broadband wireless card is getting 800k downloads and 580k upload speeds.  Downloading patches or packages through the LDMG on this connection is hitting a MAX of 20k/second downloads.  That seems VERY slow to me.  There is no dynamic bandwidth throttling turned on and all agent config and package settings have been looked over for bottlenecks in deployment.


      I guess I'm looking for some other LDMG user feedback on how yours is performing and if you're getting better throughput than this.  If so, is there a setting in the LDMG that I'm missing or does this look like something I should take up with the County's IT folks?  Maybe a QOS setup on the DMZ?


      Also, are there any specs on a single NIC LDMG setup vs. a true dual-NIC internal to external setup?


      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!