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    Wake On LAN - any way to customize the packet destination?

    JSMCPN Expert

      This is a long shot, I know...


      Is there any way to customize the LANDesk WOL packet sent by the Console and MDR to have a destination IP of instead of the normal method of sending the WOL packet to the broadcast address of the subnet in question?


      Our network hardware vendor is having a heck of a time getting LANDesk Wake On LAN to work with our new Private IP/802.1x environment.

      All I have heard back so far from the vendor is "We MIGHT be able to make it work if your LANDesk software can send the WOL packet to instead of 10.x.x.255"


      Here's the main reason:


      Now that we are using Wired 802.1x, when a computer is logged onto, the IP address changes to put that user in a specific VLAN, and when they log off, the computer goes back into the Systems Management VLAN.

      When a computer is powered off, or is sleeping, it doesn't live in any VLAN, and LANDesk only knows about the computer's last reported IP address.

      So, lets say our Management VLAN is 10, our Student VLAN is 20, and our Staff VLAN is 30.  If I am logged on, my VLAN is 30.  Now my computer goes to sleep.  If I try to use LANDesk to wake it up, LANDesk sends the magic packet to 10.x.30.255, but while sleeping, my computer is not part of VLAN 30, the switch port it's plugged into is in a Non-authenticated VLAN.


      Cisco has a solution for this, which is basically to forward a specific type of packet, like WOL, to all NON-AUTH ports.  Our vendor appears to have no equivalent, and they are trying to find an alternate solution.