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    What security features are available for software distribution?


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      Are the software distribution connection encrypted? Is there any checksum checking and compression available during delivery?


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Encryption -- no, there isn't. If you want encryption, just encrypt the file you're distributing.


          If you're concerned about your UNC/HTTP shares though, you can use preferred package servers as a method to tighten those shares (as this permits you to enter access credentials, and those credentials never leave the Core).


          Checksums -- all files that are copied down to clients are verified for checksums (that's why you have an option to "reset package hash" if you've fiddled with a file or another). if the hash doesn't match, the file is discarded (though this often will cause the install to fail). Files that are "run from source" obviously won't get checked for hashes.


          Compression -- there's no compression, but there's bandwidth awareness/friendliness. Search the manual for "bandwidth" and you should find what you seek (polite bandwidth / and various bandwidth detection types).


          There's an "of sorts" compression that you can do, and that's by repackaging a package. Rather than sending out 100's of large text files, you'll repackage the package (and compress it) into a single file - and then distribute it as a batch file + additional file (this actual file containing the stuff), and the batch file runs the decompression & install. For more information on batch file distribution, please read this:



          Generally, it seems like you're looking at Software Distribution for the first time (based on the questions you ask), so I would recommend that you maybe get in touch with your ESP (Expert Solution Provider - a LANDesk partner) and/or your LANDesk sales contacts (who can then put you in touch with the technical pre-sales people for your region). This would probably accelerate any kinds of Q&A you may have, and sort out a product demo or whatnot that would demonstrate functions suitable to your needs and environment.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Maybe as an afterthought - bear in mind that the product is VERY scriptable, so if it can be done via a script, you can do it.


            Batchfiles, VB-scripts  and so on are all used for certain operations by advanced users. As long as it can be done through command-lines, there's at least one way to get it done with LANDesk.


            That may roll the ball in the right line of thinking


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.