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    Driver Issues with Dell E6400


      I've recently just received a new shipment Dell E6400 laptops. After adding our new image to the PXE Boot Script and Menu I attempted to deploy it. After booting to the NIC the LANDesk interface comes up and begins to install the drivers. At this point it gets stuck and says unable to find the network driver. I have tried adding several versions of this 825xx Gigabit NIC Driver. Has anyone had an issue with the drivers for this model laptop? I've tried the drivers off the Dell and Intel site. Nothing seems to work. Let me know if you guys have had any issues or any advice for the matter. Thank you!


      - Paul

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          ahe Expert

          Hello Paul,


          take a look at this thread, could help: Imaging problems with Dell E6400 Laptops




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            Hi Paul,


            I'm having the same exact issue... i've tried almost every driver known now... tried all the Dell ones.. and the drivers directly from Intel.. still have a few more to go.. this is a PNA.


            Any updates for you? you get it working?

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              We are imaging E4300/6400/6500 laptops with e1y5132.sys, which I believe is from the Intel 82567 Gigabit Windows XP driver.

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                Thanks for the reply.. right when I got your reply I finally got the correct driver working... they had so many version of those drivers it was a pain finding exactly which one worked... but it was worth it.

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                  Where and how exactly do things go wrong?


                  Is it that the machine boots into mini-setup, starts installing drivers and then prompts you for a file that is part of the NIC driver? In which case, which file is it complaining about? When you look at the unpacked driver, can you see the missing file? Where does the inf file say the missing file is supposed to be?


                  Or is it that mini-setup doesn't find a NIC driver at all? If that's what's happening, there won't be an error message. You won't know anyhting is amiss until the setup is complete, you logon and it turns out there is no NIC driver there...

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                    This is during the WinPE boot menu... this laptop wouldn't get to the boot menu and i've tried a number of drivers from Dell and Intel.. now i finally got the right one so i can boot into WinPE to grap my image... after that since this is a vista image i'm using and I haven't fully got my sysprep .xml file to install drivers so i created a batch file on the image script to copy all the drivers to the local C:\ after it images then i run another batch file i created to run all the installers for the drivers.... it's kinda of a bandaide workaround right now.. were in the process of moving to SCCM .. and SCCM works a heck of a lot smoother with drivers and application installation on images.

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                      Hello Paul,


                      Heres what I know so far: I ran the dell Intel driver file NIC_DRVR_WIN_R204520.exe with the following tag /? which gave me a list of options.  I then ran the file as such:  NIC_DRVR_WIN_R204520.exe /s /e=<extraction path>  so mine looked like this: NIC_DRVR_WIN_R204520.exe /s /e=f:\dell\laptop\e6400\uncompressed\nic


                      This extracts the files to the location you select.


                      I then used the Add Drivers to the WinPE image in LANDesk OSD Console. Here are the two files and supporting files I added, and they are located inside the payload folder once you extract the files:



                      Supporting files







                      See if that helps resolve the undetected nic driver during the WinPE bootup.  It worked for me.



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                        ahe Expert



                        we use this driver version for the PE image: 04/04/2008,




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                          Benjamin THIEN Specialist



                          I have the same model of computer Dell E6400 with LD 8.8 and it's work.

                          I let you an archives with the good driver.

                          With this it will be ok..

                          I wish you don't have trouble with Intel Rapid Storage with this model, because i cannot find the good driver.