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    How does a client know about "Custom Data"


      I would like to understand how the "Custom Data" in the inventory is setup on the client.

      Here is what I see

      Client is having problems, so we Reinstall the landesk Client.
      This does not fix the users problem, so I run the Landesk Client uninstaller.
      Reboot and reinstall the landesk client.

      Now the client is working but is not reporting back "Custom Data" in the Inventory.
      All other inventory is collected but not "Custom Data"

      So how and what is updated on the client to know what "Custome Data" to send?
      Is it a reg key or file? And If a client will not report back "Custome Data" what can you try on the client?

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          Unless I missed something that was no help.

          Ok think of it like this. I am a Tech/Service desk and have no Access to the Coreserver or the console.
          But we know this Client is not working and not sending "Custom Data".

          All other landesk clients are sending "Custom Data" with no problems.

          The Answer I am looking for is what file or Reg key must I replace or fix to get the client working like all the other clients. The Coreserver is trying to tell the client about the "Custom Data" but the client is not getting it.

          So the Answer is local to the client., not using the console or server.

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            zman Master

            The first document Axel listed is a very good document. It shows how custom data is modeled using the ldapp. Custom Data in the registry comes from entries in the ldapp or automagically populated from the registry keys under.


            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\landesk\Inventory\Custom Fields


            So if it is not being populated:


            • Then your ldapp is not being copied to the client - something you can check. 
            • Your reg keys are screwed up.
            • You have to do a full software scan /F or one with a sync /F /sync
            • You have corruption that needs to be addressed with dbrepair - mentioned in the doc Axel stated.
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              What they said, but there's also the possibility that custom data is supposed to be coming from a form or from ldscnhlp.ini. A general question is a way to get pointers to documentation, while detailed information about the problem is the way to get specific help.

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                zman Master

                LOL - U mean people actual use Custom Data Forms 

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                  "And I've seen it all, I've seen it all through the yellow windows of the evening train... "

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                    MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                    What custom data do you mean?  Custom data can take a number of forms such as custom scanned registry keys or as referred to here, the results of the user filling in a custom data form.  If it is custom data form then it may be the case that the form is no longer there for them to fill in and you would need to get your LANDesk admin to resend.  If it is custom registry then for some reason either the data is not there to scan and return or perhaps the client doesn't hold the right configuration to collect that data.


                    If we are looking at reg key scanning, then this is controlled via the ldappl3.ini file found in the client's ldclient directory.  This 'should' be auto-updating but something might be stopping it.  Compare the affected client's file to one on a working machine and see if the registry sections are different.  If they are, then as a test replace it on the affected client and rescan.  This is not the right way to do it but it is worth a go just for a test.  If this fixes it you should get the LANDesk Admin to investigate why it isn't being aout-updated.


                    If custom data forms then I would usggest talking to the LANDesk Admin because this isn't something you can sort out yourself unless you have greater knowledge/access.


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