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    Error at System configuration


      Hello everyone:



      I have a rather curious issue, that I hope someone can assis me with.  I am provisiong 2 IBM's, a T41, and T43 - as I am testing out LANDEsk's provisioning capabilities. I also have a couple of custom buit desktop that I am working with.


      Using provisioning, I can perform an unattended install of Windows XP SP3, and required drivers on both the desktops and laptops.  However when I try to perform any system configuration task, on the laptops, I get the following error:



      Loading Template...




      Execute result:




      To try and narrow down the problem. I created provisioning scripts that just performed a unattened install.  I copied over \\coreserver\ldlogon\provisioning\windows to c:\ldprovision , then from the command prompt ran \ldprovision\ldprovision.exe -C coreserver .  On the desktops, the login security pops up, and after I am authenticated, the templates load, whereas on the laptops, I get the error shown above.


      I have 1GB of RAM, and 80GB drives on the laptops, so I know it shoudl not be memory of diskspace issues.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!