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    Virtual Machines running on a Macintosh


      I am having trouble updating an agent that is running on a Windows XP Virtual Machine. The host computer is an iMac running an updated 10.5 OS, with Parallels. I downloaded an agent to the VM and it installed with no errors. After it was installed, I wanted to update the agent with a newer one. When I send the agent to the VM thru a scheduled task, it will fail with the error of ‘Cannot Find Agent (different agent responded)'. This happens on several different host Macintosh's with different VM's.

      The thing that I think is happening is that the IP in the inventory scan is the same for both the Host computer and the VM. If I do an IPCONFIG on the VM, the IP is in the range of 10.xxx.xxx.xxx, which is correct for parallels. Not sure why LANesk is not reporting the correct IP. On the other hand, the inventory scan does report two different MAC addresses for the host and virtual machines.

      Any ideas on how I can fix this problem so that I can update the agent on host machines thru LANDesk?